Pennsylvania High School Helmet Project

About The Project

If you are an avid football fan and know your way around the Internet then you are probably familiar with the original Helmet Project by Charles Arey. If you are not acquainted with Arey's project, it is a site that catalogs football helmet designs for all professional and collegiate teams. As a follow-up to that project there are about twenty or so state high school helmet projects sites that spin-off Arey's idea and depict the helmets for thousands of high schools across the nation. We kicked off our efforts to cover Pennsylvania, and we received a few requests to do a Maryland helmet project so here we are.

To navigate this site, look to the right side menu and there is a link for All Conferences which displays schools in each conference they belong to. In addition to that is a link to find teams by the first letter of their school name and a page listing the State Champions for each classification. Links to other state helmet projects can also be found from the side menu. If you notice errors, know of changes, or have other information to contribute please click on the How to Help link. And finally, information about the progress of helmets currently included on the site can be found on the right hand side.

This is a big project and there are a lot of helmets to create and maintain. Since high school teams do sometimes change classifications, conferences, and helmet designs every couple of years this project will always be a work in progress. The Project would like to recognize and thank TMBK Sports for sponsoring the site and assuming the costs of keeping us up and running.


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